The Happy Silly Fun Page

A Gnome With a Drone On a Stone


The Chillaxians: a group of laid back, easygoing people.


Zombie Biff – Computer Killer!


The politically correct term for a Zombie in the u.s. is “Undead American”.


Some more “My Words”:

Submergian:  a language spoken while underwater or immersed in any liquid.


Regurgitate: to gurgitate again:-)


The World Famous Dancing Gnats –

33 Seconds of your life that you’ll never get back.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


My Word!

(from my very own dictionary)

         “Victicious”: a phony win


“sporad”:  someone (human or otherwise) who does things or shows up at irregular intervals.  Ya just never know:-)


Wabbits havin’ fun!


You know you got a great deal on a used car when you make it through the car wash without drowning 🙂


Chris Christie.  Bridgegate. 

My my.


Zombie Biff on Football:

“Biff think players’ mommies should buy them each their own ball, then they not all fight over one ball.  Duh.”


The Polar Vortex Blows (bubbles!)

Q: Have you heard the latest?

A: No, it ain’t out yet, har har dee har!


Q: What’s a car’s favorite sandwich spread?

A: Traffic Jam.

Ha Ha.


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