Zombie Biff TeeVeee



Zombie Biff coming out of what he mistakenly believes is a voting booth on election day.



        What in heck is going on here?

First, Zombie Biff overdosed on ZGH (zombie growth hormone), which is how he grew to be the ornery giant you see in the above picture.  Then he stole the Park Ridge cell tower because, and I quote: “Biff MAD.  Cell phone no &$%# WORK!  Biff gonna throw stupid cell tower in river.”  

Biff goes snorkeling!


Zombie Biff meets a Giant Guinea Pig


Zombie Biff vs Judge Judy. 

Oh My!


Biff Pees in his Pants?


Will Biff eat his veggies?


Zombie Biff auditions to replace Annie’s lead actress, who has mysteriously gone missing.  Hmm.


Why Zombie Biff can’t stand winter…

The Zombie Biff Ballet scandal…


Our Biff just can’t wait to enjoy his first succulent mouthful of tofurkey brain. 

Good eatin’.


I’m not paranoid – Zombie Biff is just out to get me. 



 It’s that wonderful time of the year when zombies don all sorts of costumes and go from house to house, ringing the doorbells, saying those magical words: 

“Trick or Brain Candy!”

Our dear Biff, out for the time of his (un)life, winds up having quite the adventure…


  Zombie Biff has thrown his hat into the new jersey race for governor.  Hey, Why not?


Zombie Biff, ever the fashion conscious trendsetter, loves his wardrobe to have that “just cleaned the toilet with it” look.


biff in australia

Biff really enjoyed his trip to Australia – let’s put another brain on the barbie…


8 15 053

Here’s Zombie Biff chillin’ with his bestest bud Bill (apologies to Berkeley Breathed, creator of Bill the Cat).


Brain burger

Biff chowin’ down on his fave fast food, the Brain-in-a-bun big brain burger. 




birds n brains 013

Zombie Biff sez

“Canned brains just aren’t as good as fresh.”



Video Teaser


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